Winkey's Hand Crafted Custom Lures

Welcome to Winkey’s Lures

Welcome to my imagination! Why bother buying a crappy quick production line lure when you can get a custom made handcrafted Winkey Lure. We are located in Bothell, WA. All lures are hand crafted using blanks either purchased or printed out using a 3D printer and painted by hand. Each lure is unique in its paint job and no two lures are exactly alike. Then they are dipped in a hard coat so they have a lasting finish. New addition is hand crafted Fly lures, each one made by hand and unique.

Feature Page Updates!

We have now updated the Feature Lures page with new baits that are NOW available! Inquire about availability.

Check out the Feature Lures page and browse around and maybe find something you like. New additions are updated regularly.

Lure types:

  • Crankbait
  • Minnows
  • Poppers
  • Handcrafted Flies